Thursday, January 8, 2009

It was a late awakening today, so things were mostly somnambulant until late afternoon. I left my apartment and walked across the Seine and snapped a picture of the snowy Left Bank with the eye-catching Notre Dame standing tall across the river. After a quick bite in a brasserie on the Boulevard St-Germain, I returned and changed to sweats for a 50-minute walk, around the Ile St-Louis, to the Ile de la Cite and past Notre Dame, then across the back side of the Louvre, down the Rue de Rivoli, and back home. At seven o’clock, I was visited by my college pal Libby May (Elizabeth Atinay for about 40 years now) and her daughter Emma, who teaches English-as-a-second-language here. After some Fleur at my place, we set out on foot for dinner in the neighborhood and passed a fellow who, on hearing us speaking in English, suggested we slip in a nearby spot for “the best escargot in Paris”. Voila! We did and they may well have been. Libby leaves for Lexington in a couple of days, but Emma, whose school is across the street from the Louvre, and I made plans for further encounters. Coming back, I discovered that the bar adjacent to my building is open until the wee hours and their kitchen is hopping as well. Good find. Good day. Good night, too.

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