Friday, January 9, 2009

Another slow beginning to a day that fleshed out nicely. I headed to the storied Place des Vosges in the very hip Marais section of Paris and had a nice lunch overlooking the square (pictured, still with a skiff of the earlier snow—more about this place later), after which Margaret, a teacher of writing at the New School in New York’s Greenwich Village and seated nearby, offered to buy me an espresso. I accepted, we chatted, then I bought us wine at a bar on the Rue de St. Antoine. We agreed to meet later for a piano concert scheduled for the Theatre de Ile St-Louis across from my apartment. Urs Ruchit, an unremarkable soloist, gave an uneven performance of works by Bach and Liszt, but it was rather a nice way to finish off an afternoon with a new friend. I declined Margaret’s invitation to go ice skating (even in college this was not a skill I mastered—too uncertain, could not skate backwards, could only stop by hitting a wall), and so we said goodbye with plans to say hello again one day. After a forgettable meal, I repaired to 33 Rue des Deux Ponts for an early bed. Saturday awaits.


  1. Glad to see you didn't ice skate!!!

  2. Hi, Charlie,
    Finally, back in NY and about to start the spring semester, I'm remembering about your's delightful to read about your adventures and see the photos...this one of the Place des Vosges sous la neige beats mine by a kilometre. I never made it to skating either, not that night (too cold) nor another of my quick five-day sejour, nor did I manage to try the velo-libres. Next trip! Reading your blogposts makes me thirsty and hungry. Keep it up! Have you discovered yet the Taverne Henri IV on the Pont Neuf, facing Henry IV's statue? Burgundy vintners used to lunch there. Another favorite cafe is la Palette in the middle of the 6th...but you have your own great list. Adventure on! It was fun to meet and flaner un peu together.